Welding/RED PVC Strip Curtains

PVC Curtains

Product Description

PVC Welding Curtains, Application areas are usually fabricated on conducting hot work, working around people is affected by the light source. Working with people around the closed curtain or sheet pvc welding curtain is isolated.
PVC Welding Curtains, 2 mm thick, 30 cm, 20 cm and 120 cm length of the strip is the 50-meter, the plate height is 20 meters. The colors of the source screen Although optionally can be in the red, green and black renkte.
PVC Welding Curtains, the most important feature of this property is flame resistant strips and sheets are available. Each screen is not the source of the red curtain. Intrinsic value and dayanmım is a special material terms.
PVC Welding Curtains are sold in the form of uncut rolls as sold in a ready form into modules. In general terms the application is closed with a plate in the absence of human and vehicle traffic lane is closed with the others. You can get more info by visiting our page about the specifications.

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